A Court of Mist and Fury

Book Words Reading Pages Magic Fantasy Mist and Fury Sarah J. Maas Feyre Rhysand Books Thorns and Roses Series Thorns and Roses Mist and Fury Wings and RuinA Court of Mist and Fury picks up after the harrowing events that occurred Under the Mountain. Having escaped the clutches of Amarantha, Feyre is now struggling to understand and cope with her altered life - including her new existence as a High Fae. Despite having an immortal body, Feyre still has her very human soul, and she is haunted by her memories of everything she did to save the people of the Spring Court. In his desire to keep her safe, Tamlin becomes increasingly overbearing and protective. This caused Feyre to feel more and more confined with each passing day.

Quite unexpectedly, Feyre is also beginning to show a newfound set of powers, not unlike those of the different High Lords responsible for her immortality. Tamlin refuses to aid Feyre in training with her new powers, even going so far as to deny their existence. But there is one person who is quietly and persistently encouraging her to explore them - Rhysand, High Lord of the infamous Night Court. Feyre is unable to avoid the inevitably of the bond she and Rhysand created to save hers and others lives Under the Mountain. And of course, Rhysand manages to call upon that bargain at the most inconvenient of times.

As she struggles to cope with the horrors ever present in her mind, Feyre is dismayed to learn of an even greater evil threatening the precarious world she has fought to build around her. With new allies and unexpected friends, Feyre is thrust into a different world than anything she had ever dreamed of. And the fate of everything, all of Prythian, may lie with her and the hidden powers lying within.

There are good days and hard days for me—even now. Don’t let the hard days win.

Once again, Sarah J. Maas has brought on all of the feels with Mist and Fury, making me laugh out loud, grumble under my breath, cheer in victory and sob with tears running down my face (the crying was the worst - even my dog was worried about me!). The challenges Feyre and her cohorts are faced with have been well thought out and exceptionally depicted. Maas has created a world for us that is unlike any other, full of political intrigue, personal turmoil, shocking betrayal, and blisteringly steamy romance. The situations that are brought down upon the characters we have grown to care about feel incredibly real and relatable. That realism extends to the antagonist characters as well, making us feel disgust and anger towards their actions. 

One of the absolute best parts of Mist and Fury is the way Maas has taken the time to explain and fill in some of the missing pieces from the first book. We finally understand what happened between Rhys and Tamlin when they were younger, where Rhys's closest allies were during Amarantha's reign of terror, and the excruciatingly long road Rhysand took to reach Feyre - in so many different ways. Maas hasn't tried to take a simple tale and fill it with fluff and rainbows and unicorns. She has put her characters through pain, grief, and despair. And those negative experiences make it so much more profound when they experience joy, freedom, and peace. The relationships built under Mass' careful hand are rich and extra-ordinary, yet they remain believable, almost as though we can imagine ourselves undergoing such a profound experience.

The voice was at once the night and the dawn and the stars and the earth, and every inch of my body calmed at the primal dominance in it.

One aspect that didn't quite jive with me is the classification of Mist and Fury as Young Adult. Don't get me wrong, I definitely consider myself a young adult (even though I'm in my early thirties). The Young Adult market, however, is traditionally geared towards readers of a younger-adult age - think late teens to early twenties. In my honest and heartfelt opinion, this series could very well be too much for a younger reader - especially one who is not as experienced in worldly matters as some of us in the older generation. Oh, who am I kidding? The scenes full of sensuality, innuendo, and outright sexual adventures are dark and sexy and passionate - definitely not recommended for those who are faint of heart, or young of soul. Read at Mist and Fury your own discretion, but I remain steadfast in my assessment that Sarah J. Mass' newest series has climbed the ranks into my top 5 favorite series - EVER!

Make sure you pick up your copy of A Court of Mist and Fury today! You definitely won't regret it!

To the stars who listen—and the dreams that are answered

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