A Court of Wings and Ruin

Book Words Reading Pages Magic Fantasy Wings and Ruin Sarah J. Maas Feyre Rhysand Books Thorns and Roses Series Thorns and Roses Mist and Fury Wings and RuinA Court of Wings and Ruin, by Sarah J. Maas, continues Feyre's story in the highly anticipated third novel of the ACOTAR family. The beginning of Wings and Ruin brings us back to where everything started for Feyre - with Tamlin at the Spring Court. Unbeknownst to him, Feyre is tirelessly working to uncover information about Tamlin and the alliance he has formed with the king of Hybern. Playing the games of the High Fae courts, Feyre learns much more than she had expected. And what she discovers has her fleeing back to Rhysand to rally the Inner Circle. 

War is brewing on the horizon,and Rhys, Feyre and their closest friends and family fight to restore peace to Prythian. In doing this, they meet with the other High Lords to formulate a plan to oppose the king of Hybern. Some of the High Lords appear apathetic, unconvinced, or downright hostile, meaning Feyre and Rhys have their work cut out for them. As a result, they begin to seek aid in unlikely places - forming bonds and alliances of their own. The ultimate goalis to prevent Hybern from destroying this world they love so dearly. 

Amidst the planning for war and fending off attackers, Wings and Ruin finds Feyre faced with another challenge of her own. After their brutal and unwanted introduction to the realm of the fae, her sisters Elaine and Nesta are struggling to adjust to their new lives. Feyre is torn between a burning desire to protect those she loves and the realization that protection may not be possible. Nesta is more stubborn than she was as a mortal, and Elaine may have been broken beyond repair.

Feyre is perched precariously on the edge of everything, and she is faced challenges even more brutal than ever. But through it all, she stands firm and refuses to back down - even when she is faced with what might be the end of everything.

It's a rare person to face who they are and not run from it - not be broken by it.

In her longest work to date (clocking in at nearly 700 pages), Sarah J. Maas has once again managed to unleash an onslaught of feels and raw emotion, woven within the words of this amazing end to an incredible story (don't worry, Maas has stated there will be more spinoff books to come). Even with the length of Wings and Ruin and the scope of the events happening, Maas maintains a near-perfect balance of explaining the situations without making it feel like we are missing out on details, or being rushed through a scene. And true to her past works, Maas continues to expand and build upon the characters we have come to love. She continues to elaborate on the intricate relationships that have been carefully cultivated between every character. 

With the war being the ever-present theme within the book, it would have been easy to let that overshadow the smaller (yet no less important) details included in the story. We begin to uncover secrets buried long ago - some of which have the power to either destroy or unite. As those secrets are unveiled, the depth that Maas has put into her characters is even more astounding. Small nuances become long hidden preferences, brash attitudes become a shield, and incoherent mutterings become the method in which the mysteries of the world can be unraveled. 

Reaching the final pages of Wings and Ruin was a bittersweet experience for me. I dreaded reaching the end and knowing that was all I was going to get for who knows how long (excluding the multiple re-reads, which I've already done for this book. And the entire series. Twice.). The other part of me loves endings, so very much. I love when it's a sad ending, a happy ending, a brutal and terrible ending, or a cheesy tied-with-a-bow ending. I love them all - but I love them all differently. And so, my anxiety continued to climb as I realized I was less then 200 pages from the end...then 100 pages...then 50 pages...and then - that was it. The End.

Remarkably, I felt great (we'll just ignore the tears that were streaming down my face)! The ending of this book is almost everything you could hope for in an ending. There is closure and satisfaction, tears and laughter, and a distinct finality to it. But somehow, Maas maintains the possibility that Feyre's story isn't quite finished yet. There were a few things that weren't completely resolved; relationships left unexplored, territories left unexplained, and I'm sure there are still some secrets left to uncover.

All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better conclusion to the story of Feyre and Rhysand, along with all their friends and loved ones in Prythian. I'm still anxiously awaiting the announcement that there are more books coming soon, though. And now it is time for me to take my leave so I can proceed with re-read number three.

A gift.
All of it.

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