Age of Darkness

In his debut novel, James Eyler pulls his readers into his new world with the very first, opening sentence of the prologue for Age of Darkness. We are split between the views of two characters - Makayla and Kael - as each individual struggles to find their own path in a world that is continuously changing and evolving around them. Makayla is focused on revenge, and Kael is focused on understanding the vast changes to his entire world view. 

Dark and intense, yet visceral and heart-breaking, the story opens up to the tragedy of Makayla and follows her initial progress as she realizes what has been done to her - and what she will do in return. On his way to begin his training, Kael is thrust into a situation and atmosphere vastly different than what he is accustomed to. Having been comfortably set in his ways and the ways of the society he was raised in, Kael is not willing to suddenly let go of all preconceived notions and beliefs. But, it turns out, that might be exactly what he has to do. It's not long before Kael begins to realize that his world is not quite the way it seems, and as he progresses in his education of wielding magic, he comes to the conclusion that not everyone fits so neatly into the boxes that society had previously created for them.

Picking up friends along the way, Kael embarks on his journey to discover himself, the secrets of the land, and the truth behind the Paradigm. Coinciding with Kael's adventures, Age of Darkness highlights the brutal Makayla, who is on a campaign of her own. While Kael is focused on knowledge and learning the truth, Makayla is consumed with a thirst for revenge and the allure of gaining more and more power. Acquiring her own group of followers, Makayla has set out on a seemingly different task than Kael, yet the two characters have more in common than even they understand.

Filled with themes such as revenge, justice, social discord, and (of course) love, Eyler's Age of Darkness  has opened a new door into the realm of epic fantasy. Eyler has taken the time to introduce characters that he fully understands and brings to life in a way that feels natural. It feels almost as though you are meeting and getting to know that character in the real world. We aren't thrown into this character's life and they aren't forced upon us. Eyler allows the reader to grow along with his characters, developing our views and opinions right alongside them.

Full of magic, new beings, and exciting battles, Age of Darkness will keep you up well into the night, furiously turning pages to find out what happens next. Eyler's debut novel is one that will become a cherished classic, and we are all incredibly fortunate to be able to share in that opening journey. For a sneak peek at the prologue, follow the link below and be sure to check the official James Eyler website for updates!


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