Welcome to the landing page for (almost) all things books! My goal in this section is to bring attention to some really amazing books I have come across in all my years of reading that may (or may not) have been overlooked by folks. Fair warning - I read purely fiction and tend to stick to the world of fantasy and magic and all things that I wish were real, but sadly aren't. For each book I share, I will provide a synopsis of the story-line - more than what you would get from the back cover, but less than you would get from a Wiki that gives all the spoilers. Fear not! I will avoid revealing any major plot twists while still giving you enough information to make you want to rush to the bookstore and grab up the nearest copy (or your closest e-reader to download)!

Additionally, I will include a review of my own thoughts and views of the books and authors. Each book on this site has made an impression on me in some way or other. The authors are all phenomenal in their own way and have made the world a better place by creating new worlds for us to escape into. My hope is that you will find a book you haven't read before and get the chance to explore these magical lands I have fallen in love with. 

Please keep in mind... 

These are all my personal thoughts and opinions. I am not compensated for any reviews, I do not receive any books for free, and I do this purely out of the sheer joy I derive from reading. I am a hardcore book nerd and I just can't get enough! It was high time I shared that passion with the rest of the world!


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