Heir of Fire

Book Words Reading Pages Magic Fantasy Throne of Glass Celaena Chaol Sarah J Maas Heir of Fire BooksHeir of Fire, the third book in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, follows Celaena Sardothien on yet another quest to find answers. Sent away to another land, Celaena is forced to leave behind the ones she loves—including those she has already lost. Wendlyn, home of the fae, offers a chance to hide from the pain and distress hovering over her ever since the tragedy that occurred in Crown of Midnight. Stuck in a city where she doesn't know a single soul, lost in feelings of despair and hopelessness, Celaena finds herself drinking the city's sour wine and fighting and gambling in the various taverns—until she is confronted by Rowan, a very old, very powerful, very male fae warrior.  

Gathering up her wits and courage, Celaena finds herself facing Maeve, the immortal queen of the fae, and the only one who might be able to provide the answers Celaena is so desperate to obtain. Maeve is willing to provide those answers, but only after Celaena embraces her heritage and learns to wield the magic that is her birthright. And so, Celaena finds herself as a student once again, under the brutal and unforgiving tutelage of Rowan. But as they butt heads over her training and tensions run high, the duo discovers there is a greater evil threatening Wendlyn and the surrounding lands. Putting their differences aside, Celaena and Rowan prepare to fight, and in the process, they learn more about each other—and themselves—than they ever expected.  

Dorian remains in the glass castle, trying to fight his father in any way he can manage—but without bringing attention to the secret that could destroy his entire world. Chaol is reeling from the discovery of Celaena's heritage and what it could mean for their entire world. Determined to protect Dorian from the potential implications, Chaol slowly drives a wedge between himself and the Crown Prince, spending more time with the legendary General, Aedion Ashryver. Dorian knows Chaol is pushing him away from something, and in his efforts to cope, he finds hope and a glimmer of happiness in a most unexpected place. Until Chaol can no longer keep the Crown Prince in the dark and must confide in him the secrets he has kept held close. 

When Dorian had spoken, it hadn’t been a prince who looked at him. It had been a king.

Manon Blackbeak is heir to the Blackbeak coven, the clan of Ironteeth witches known for their brutality and bloodlust. With her personal coven at her side, known as The Thirteen, Manon is a force to be reckoned with. And when she is summoned by her grandmother, High Witch of the Blackbeaks, she is delighted to discover the new task bestowed upon the remaining Ironteeth witches by the King of Adarlan himself. Creating wyverns—those winged, brutal beasts of the sky—is only one of the many dark accomplishments of the King of Adarlan. And he has decided the Ironteeth witches will use those wyverns to become his aerial cavalry, to rain down terror across Erilea. Manon is set on becoming the Wing Leader and commander of the entire Ironteeth clan, but faces her own set of challenges and betrayals as she fights for what is rightfully hers.  

You didn't need a weapon at all when you were born one.

The city of Rifthold cowers before the King and Chaol, Dorian, and Aedion team up to find a way—any way—to oppose him. But then word reaches Rifhold from Doranelle, the seat of Queen Maeve. The lost Queen of Terrasen, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, has returned and has succeeded in destroying a host of the King's making. The news prompts the King to unleash a storm of fury as yet unseen, and Chaol, Dorian and Aedion are right in the middle of it.  

Heir of Fire explodes with action, revelations, and unexpected alliances. The third novel in Sarah J. Maas' Throne of Glass series is the best yet—standing heads and shoulders above the other novels in the series. And above other novels in the high fantasy genre. Maas has taken a basic hero-in-the-making story and twisted it on it's side, bent it backwards, then reversed it all to create a story unlike any other. The action in this story is intense, brutal, and breathtaking; the characters deep, thoughtful, and compelling; and the relationships formed are intriguing, unexpected, and full of sensual tension.  

The third novel in the Throne of Glass series introduces several new characters, all of which are (in my opinion), some of the best characters introduced in Maas' world thus far. Manon Blackbeak is a welcome breath of fresh air—a character unafraid of embracing her brutal nature, yet willing to question her lifelong perspectives when they are challenged. Her undying loyalty to her Thirteen is a commitment we haven't yet seen from Maas, and only adds to the depth of Manon's character.  

Not to be left out, Maas has continued to bring me to tears in Heir of Fire, beautifully depicting the lengths to which Celaena will go in order to right the wrongs of the world. The relationship the forms with her and Rowan is a refreshing change from the typical "love at first sight" story line. Maas has built up their relationship from a reluctant partnership to a tentative alliance, to a quiet yet powerful friendship, and just when you think it has grown as much as it can, Maas takes it to a whole new level.  

Rowan looked into her eyes, into the very core of her, and said, “Fireheart."

Another part of Heir of Fire that had me cheering out loud was when we finally get to see Chaol make a decision and stand up for what he believes in. I have not been a fan of Chaol as a character, coming off as a simpering weakling, blindly loyal based on his past and his claims of "honor." It was beyond refreshing to see him finally make a stand—even at the cost of those closest to him.  

Heir of Fire is my absolute favorite book in the Throne of Glass series, and quite possibly my favorite of everything Maas has written thus far. While you will need to read Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight to truly understand the events in Heir of Fire, it is a worthwhile adventure into the world of Celaena Sardothien—a world of beauty and chaos, fire and ruin. We are finally learning more secrets and understanding the greater events that were sent in motion back in Throne of Glass. I expect the excitement and tension will only continue to grow as we move forward through the series.  

And then I am going to rattle the stars.

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