Seeing as how this is my first time creating a website, and my first time starting a blog, I figured it was high time for that first official blog post and an opening ramble. I know what you’re thinking (maybe) – but Heather, you’ve already written a bunch of posts in the form of book reviews! Yeah that’s true, but you know what? Those aren’t quite the same. I want to use this space as something a little more…(dare I say it?)…organic. Or, as my husband put it, a kind of stream of consciousness. Simply put, this is where I will put my word vomit. Those random shower thoughts we all have, or spurts of genius that come to you right as your drifting off to sleep or in the middle of that really important presentation you’re actually supposed to be paying attention to (whoops!).

I don’t expect to have a lot of clear and cohesive statements or arguments in these posts. I’ll save that stuff for another section. And this won’t be a place for me to simply rant about life’s woes and misfortunes or to yell at “the man,” but a place for me to hash out some stuff and share randomness with all of you. You know. A place to ramble.

Sometimes I might talk about words and editing, maybe about gaming (since I’m newly obsessed with World of Warcraft), I’m sure there will be chatter about dogs and animals in general, but there will never be talk of politics or much of anything that might be considered a “hot” topic. I will save that for a different section.

Hopefully I’ll get some feedback on this site at some point and people will start sharing opinions with me and we can start conversations and I can talk about stuff you all want to hear about! Until then, it’s all up to me! Cheers!

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