Ren Crown

In the Ren Crown series, Anne Zoelle has created a fantastical world of magic that violently collides with a young girl’s mundane life, thrusting her into a situation she never dreamed was truly possible. Drawing you in right off the bat with her opening chapter, this series is an absolute page turner that will keep you up to all hours of the night waiting to find out what happens next.

Zoelle's re-imagining of how the world is separated into different layers with varying amounts of magic available, is unlike any interpretation I have encountered in all the books I have read (which is a lot!). Her imagery is spell-binding, describing enough to create a mental picture of what is happening, while leaving enough spaces for the reader to fill in their own details to complete the scene.

The character development is phenomenal, allowing the reader to feel everything right alongside Ren Crown as we follow her story through this new world she was unwillingly dumped into. Zoelle has made Ren a believable character who perceives and interacts with the world in such a way that we aren't left wondering what the heck she was thinking. Ren's actions are fluid and compelling all at the same time, allowing us bond with her as though she were a real life person we are having a conversation with. And the development of the other characters is equally impressive - giving us friendships, enemies, monsters and love interests that feel natural and organic.

Speaking of love interests - Zoelle has skipped the typical young adult story of a young girl falling head over heels with the first boy that bats his eyelashes at her. The love story in this series develops in such a natural way you will be left wondering who the love interest is actually directed towards. The progression feels like something you would experience in real life, rather than a make-believe fairy tale.

Trust me, the Ren Crown series is worth the time and money to read! Go on, do it!


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