The Iron Daughter

Book Words Reading Pages Magic Fantasy Iron Daughter Julie Kagawa Fey Puck Meghan Chase Ash Books Iron Fey Iron King Iron Daughter Iron Queen Iron KnightFresh from her adventures in the Nevernever and having stared down the Iron King in his own realm, Meghan Chase now finds herself in an even worse predicament - surviving the Winter Court. In the second book of Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series, The Iron Daughter, we continue to follow Meghan along her journey through the Nevernever.

After fulfilling his end of the contract, Ash takes Meghan back to the Winter Court to fulfill her end of the bargain, and it is not quite what she thought it would be. Having gone through the Iron Realm with Prince Ash by her side, she is stunned to see the sudden change in his demeanor - cold and aloof, appearing to want nothing to do with her. Nevertheless, Meghan is determined to remain strong and when war threatens to break out between the Winter and Summer courts, Meghan knows she cannot stand idly by while the world crumbles around her.

During her stay at the Winter court, Meghan is witness to the ceremony where the rulers of the Summer and Winter Realms exchange the Scepter of the Seasons, this time indicating when Summer's reign ends and Winter's begins. A grand festival ensues, during which the scepter is stolen. Meghan and Ash are forced to flee the Unseelie Court, as Queen Mab immediately blames Summer for stealing the scepter. A new adventure begins, bringing along with it new characters and a few familiar faces - the ever facetious Puck, the quick-witted Grimalkin, and the cold Winter Prince Ash. Together the group sets out, determined to find the true thief of the scepter and stop things from progressing so far that it cannot be undone.

And with every passing moment, Meghan is painfully aware that something has happened to her magic. It is somehow gone, sealed off or taken away, she is unsure, but one thing she does know - it will not stop her from helping this world she is beginning to actually care about.  Forming unlikely alliances along the way, Meghan and her motley crew come head to head with the Iron Fey once again and this time, they have gone too far. Using the people closest to her heart, her enemies spurn Meghan and her allies into action, finding uncanny and unexpected ways to fight back.

With her ability to tie in lore that has been around for ages while incorporating fresh and new material, Kagawa has once again taken Meghan Chase's story to a whole new level in The Iron Daughter. Further developing her characters and putting them into situations that are fantastical yet believable, frustrating yet endearing, you can't help but fall in love all over again with each appearance of the core personalities, while simultaneously forming new opinions about the characters she introduces along the way. Once again telling an entire story in a single novel while also tying in the previous over-arcing story-line, Kagawa leaves you feeling satisfied with the conclusion, but begging to know what adventures up next for our favorite half-human, half-faery heroine.


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