The Iron Fey

The Iron Fey series brings to life the world of the fey. Chances are, you have heard some reference to the fey - those mysterious creatures who lurk in another realm and are split into two main factions: the Summer fey and the Winter fey. The Winter fey, or Unseelie court, are (as you would imagine) cold and heartless; known for their brutal battle tactics and emotionless demeanor. Their ruler is the ruthless Queen Titania- fierce in her own right, never needing a king to stand by her side. The Summer fey, the Seelie court, are quite the opposite - warm and inviting (upon first impression), they will entice your senses and woo your hearts, only to end up keeping you in their world until you forget who you once were. The Summer fey are ruled by the King Oberon, also affectionately known as the Erlking, and his queen, Titania. 

I have been fortunate enough to stumble upon a wonderful new series that takes the traditional fey world and adds a new and unfamiliar element - the Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa. This series is chock-full of all the makings necessary for an engaging tale. Kagawa gives us a coming-of-age story through the eyes of the half-human, half-faery Meghan Chase. There are twists and turns, love and betrayal, epic battles and romantic interludes. Each book in the series manages to have its own contained story while also adding to the broader, over-arcing adventure. Kagawa leaves you feeling satisfied at the end of each book, while simultaneously leaving you wanting more.

In the Iron Fey series, Kagawa has re-imagined the relationships between the fey and humans, and fabulously explores the relationships between them - with all the brutality and cold indifference the fey are known for. And if you're not familiar with the fey and their histories, don't worry - Kagawa has written the series in such a way that you won't feel lost, and readers aren't expected to have a familiarity with how the fey work. She beautifully portrays their world in way that is clear and elaborate, without leaving you feeling like you've missed out on some secret. 

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