The Iron King

Book Words Reading Pages Magic Fantasy Iron King Julie Kagawa Fey Puck Meghan Chase Ash Books Iron Fey Iron King Iron Daughter Iron Queen Iron KnightThe opening chapter to a brilliant adventure. The Iron King is the series opener to Julie Kagawa's story of an everyday high school girl who has her world flipped upside down. For Meghan Chase, life is about making it through high school without being embarrassed by her pig-raising family, trying to catch the eye of the popular football star at school, playing with her adorable younger brother and laughing at the wild antics of her best friend Robbie. Everything changes on her sixteenth birthday, though, when the Mist begins to fade and secrets she had never dreamed of come to life around her.

When her family is suddenly put in danger, Meghan swallows her fear and jumps feet first into a new and terrifying world - the Nevernever, home of the never-before-seen fey. During her journey to the home of the Summer Fey, Arcardia, Meghan encounters creatures she can hardly believe - dryads, nymphs, piskies and a precocious talking cat name Grimalkin. And upon reaching Arcadia and meeting the imposing Summer King, Lord Oberon himself, Meghan is floored to learn that no only has she been thrown into a whole new world, but she is a crucial part of this new world and one of their own - as Oberon's half-faery daughter!

With family at the forefront of her mind, Meghan suffers through the seasonal celebration of Elysium, where she meets dark and broody Ash, Prince of the Winter Court and as cold and heartless as he is devastatingly handsome. When battle breaks out amidst the party, Meghan is reminded of why she came to the Nevernever in the first place and heads off on her original mission, only to discover a new threat on the way.

After the sudden shock to what she believed was normal life, Meghan is quickly adjusting to the strangeness that comes along with being in the Nevernever. Until she is faced with a whole new breed of, something that even the infamous Robin Goodfellow (or Puck, as we all know him) has no knowledge of - the new Iron Fey.

Unbeknownst to Meghan, she is now the key to saving the entire Nevernever from the deadly effects of the Iron Fey as they encroach upon the land. The Iron King is determined to overtake the entire land with his followers, poisoning the Winter and Summer lands as he goes. With her half human blood to protect her from the iron, her prankster best friend and an unlikely alliance, Meghan is the only one who can save the entire Nevernever from complete destruction.

An exciting opener to a fabulous series, Kagawa has taken a well established fantasy world with the fey and and a whole element that fits seamlessly. Since the fey and their entire world are created based of human belief and imagination, it only fits that our technological-driven minds would create an entirely new race. Kagawa has carefully developed her characters, building on known entities and adding to their identities, while bringing in new personalities that add to the overall flavor of the story. Action, humor, suspense and some heart-wrenching moments make Kagawa's The Iron King a page turner that will keep you up late into the night dying to know what happens next! 

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