The Iron Knight

After following Meghan Chase thus far, The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa gives readers a unique opportunity to see the world from a different perspective - from the point of view of our favorite former Winter Prince, Ash. With the conclusion of The Iron Queen, we get to experience the deep sense of loss that Ash feels after Meghan broke their bond, along with his burning resolve to find a way to be by her side once again.

As a Winter fey, Ash cannot remain with Meghan in the Iron Realm without facing the damaging effects of the iron - and ultimately his death. And so, Ash sets out on a quest to the end of the world in order to claim the one thing that allow him to re-claim his rightful place as Meghan's knight - a mortal body with a soul to match.

And so, Ash begins his finally fey journey - accompanied by his archrival Puck and the tiresome Grimalkin, and along the way they encounter challenges never faced before. Accruing allies during the adventure, Ash is confronted with the one thing that has the potential to completely derail his entire mission. Memories and emotions long buried are brought to the surface once again, and Ash must make the toughest decision of his long life.

And at the end of the world, the final trials threaten to break him completely. Ash thought he had seen it all and battled some of the toughest beings in the entire Nevernever, but nothing has prepared him for the final, impossible battle. Determined to be reunited with Meghan, he pushes forward relentlessly, but will he be able to make the ultimate sacrifice - or will it all have been in vain? Kagawa has brilliantly closed the book on the incredible Iron Fey series with The Iron Knight, but worry not! The story continues from the perspective of Meghan's brother, Ethan Chase, in the next chapter of the Iron Fey. 

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