The Iron Queen

Book Words Reading Pages Magic Fantasy Iron Queen Julie Kagawa Fey Puck Meghan Chase Ash Books Iron Fey Iron King Iron Daughter Iron Queen Iron KnightAfter saving the Nevernever (again) with her loyal and steadfast companions, Meghan Chase is now faced with a brand new challenge - banishment to the human world with her recently proclaimed soulmate, Ash. The Iron Queen opens up with Ash and Meghan in the human world, reeling from the sudden turn of events and the sting of being shunned by their families. And as much as they would like to imagine life among the humans will be carefree, they quickly realize that that is simply not the case at all.

Unexpectedly confronted by a former enemy, Meghan and Ash are appalled to learn that the Iron Fey have not given up their assault on the Nevernever - with a new king at their helm. They learn that the Iron Fey are split into factions, some standing up to fight alongside the new king, and others standing up against him. Known as the False King, he has made it his sole mission to destroy the Nevernever and become the King of the entire realm. Hidden away in a secret safehouse, Meghan and Ash are unexpectedly offered a once-in-a-lifetime deal: defeat the False King and be welcomed back into the Nevernever, banishment removed. Now, how can they resist such an offer?

With their usual crew in tow (including Puck and Grimalkin), Meghan and Ash ready themselves to enter the Iron Realm once again, but this time they are much more prepared. With a secret weapon bestowed upon them from a loyal friend, they head into the Iron Realm to find the False King and defeat him - hoping to bring peace back to the Nevernever once again.

Full of the drama and excitement we have come to know and love from Kagawa, The Iron Queen doesn't let us down! Excitement is brewing with each new chapter, filled with battles and betrayals, heartache and love, families torn apart and mended back together - the action just doesn't stop. And just when you think it can't get even more intense, that's exactly what happens. Bringing Meghan's adventure to close (from her perspective, at least), The Iron Queen is a thrilling and satisfying conclusion to this piece of the Iron Fey saga.

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