Throne of Glass Series

Kicking off an incredible career full of intense and unforgettable novels, Sarah J. Maas first landed on scene with her debut novel Throne of Glass. Published in 2012, Throne of Glass is not only Maas' first published novel, but it is also the first novel in an addictive high fantasy series, which I refer to as The Throne of Glass Series. Maas brings to life the beautifully detailed world of Adarlan, located within Erilea, a land ruled by the King of Adarlan and devoid of all magic – at least for the last ten years.  

Celaena Sardothien has spent the last year in Endovier – where those sentenced by the Crown are sent to work the salt mines until they are released or, more commonly, subjected to the brutality of the guards and overseers, beaten or worked to their death. Known as Ardalan's Assassin, Celaena has made a name for herself across the land as the world's greatest assassin – a title not easily achieved. When she is approached with an opportunity to earn her freedom, Celaena immediately jumps at the chance. But things aren't going to be as easy as she originally thought, as she is thrown into the midst of court politics and fights to regain her foothold in this ever-changing world – all while keeping hidden the secrets of her past. 

Known for bringing the world of epic and high fantasy back to the forefront of Young Adult novels, Maas starts it all off with Celaena's story. Maas does not disappoint, as she creates characters with multiple layers of personality and relationships that feel natural and compelling. The Throne of Glass Series sends us off on an epic adventure as we follow Celaena on her journey through Erilea and the dangerous mysteries plaguing the land and its people.  


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