War of Ages Saga

Have you ever stumbled upon an idea or concept that was so wonderfully unique that you just knew it was going to be huge? Do you ever wonder if the first person to read The Lord of the Rings  knew when they read it that it was going to be a book of epic proportions? That it was the beginning to a series whose story would steal the hearts of generations to come? I can't imagine there are many instances where someone picks up a brand new book (or manuscript, even), reads the story and just knows with a deep, innate certainty that this book - this one you are reading right now - is going to be the next Lord of the Rings, or Game of Thrones, or Chronicles of Narnia. The people who get to experience that moment are truly fortunate individuals. And somehow, out of pure luck and the chance seating arrangement in a philosophy class on Plato, I can now add myself to that group of incredibly lucky people with the first novel in a brand new series, War of Ages Saga: Age of Darkness.

James Eyler has managed to accomplish what (I imagine) every author hopes to do, yet very few succeed in. He has taken epic fantasy to a new level and with his exciting original series and debut novel, I am confident that Eyler will be the Tolkien of this generation. War of Ages brings us into a new land that is harsh and beautiful, full of mystery and archaic traditions which are quickly brought under scrutiny by more than one character.

Not only has Eyler created a new world that is vibrant and overflowing with detail, but he has brought to life new characters that you can't help but fall in love with (or hate with a passion, depending on the character). And the creatures in the world are unique in and of themselves. Straying away from the traditional theme or orcs, trolls, and dwarves, Eyler has introduced new species such as the prytha, vrath, and the headless. Each new species brings with it a unique set of characteristics and skills that entwine together in a creative way not yet seen in an epic fantasy.

Perhaps the most defining and poignant aspect of this new series is the underlying political struggle that remains prevalent throughout the entire story, without becoming an overbearing and heavy handed theme that can swallow the reader whole. Eyler has taken a seemingly ordinary tale of societal discord and unrest, and changed into a relevant depiction of how truly powerful a paradigm shift can be - and how utterly devastating it can be when handled by the wrong people.

Not yet published, but on its way to becoming the next big epic fantasy, Eyler's War of Ages Saga begins with Age of Darkness. Keep clicking ahead for a review and a sneak peek of what this new tale has in store for us - and be sure to keep up to date with new developments on the official James Eyler website.