I am faced with this question way too often. I read books fast. Like, really super fast, especially when I’m left to my own devices and can read uninterrupted for hours on end. I’m sure you know the feeling – getting lost in a new world, going on adventures with characters you love and have bonded with, forgetting that the real world is a thing. Well, as much as I love finding out how a story ends, every time I finish a book, it’s a bittersweet moment. Hopefully the book ended satisfactorily and gave me some closure (preferably a happy ending, because I’m a sucker for a good happy ending), but now that it’s over, what do?

Sometimes I’m lucky enough to have the next book in the series to read, or I’ve already found the next book to start. But more often than not, I’m stuck deciding between too many amazing options. Take, for example, finishing book two of a series, only to find out book three comes out next week. Obviously I can’t just start a whole new series and get invested in that one, only to have the third book of the other series comes out in the middle of reading the new one! Most of the time, I find myself browsing through my favorites and picking one of those to read.

Now that in itself causes a new set of issues. It never fails that I get through one or two, maybe three books in the series, which is just enough to get caught back up in the magic. Then I find myself in the middle of a series I love and can’t put down when the third book of that other series I’ve been waiting for comes out. Ugh! There are simply too many options!

This doesn’t even take into consideration my preference to read series that are already completed. You know, so I don’t have to wait forever for the next book to come out (because I am not a patient person). But then I find myself finding amazing series that aren’t yet completed, like Anne Zoelle’s Ren Crown series, or Sarah J Maas’ two series that are both unfinished, or even Brandon Sanderson – the man has so many books to read and of course he’s not finished with all of them! And so, the inevitable waiting happens, sending me back to the decision of what to read while waiting and the vicious cycle continues.

If only there was more time in the day, or I could find a job where all I do, all day every day, is read. Now that would be a dream come true!

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